29th November 2017

Medway CCG lifted out of ‘legal directions’ by NHS England

Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which is responsible for planning and buying local NHS services, has been lifted out of ‘legal directions’.

Formally imposed in August 2016, the directions meant Medway CCG was provided with additional support to address particular challenges, enabling NHS England to closely monitor progress.

The news follows Medway CCG’s ‘good’ rating in its annual assessment by NHS England.

The directions had focused on four key areas: development of a capacity and capability action plan; undertaking a governance review; development of a commissioning plan; and development of a referral to treatment and accident and emergency recovery plan. The first of these had been in development prior to the implementation of legal directions, with all four elements coming into use by July 2017, when a progress review was begun.

Caroline Selkirk, Accountable Officer at Medway CCG, said: “I was delighted to receive the letter from NHSE, informing us they are lifting Medway CCG out of legal directions. This is the result of the hard work of all our staff, and I am grateful to them for their efforts, which contribute to better patient experience and outcomes.

“The requirements of the directions have now been addressed satisfactorily because we have gone the extra mile to focus on improvement alongside better patient experience and outcomes.”


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Notes to Editors

Medway CCG is responsible for planning and buying local NHS services, for the patient population of 295,223 across Medway.

 Medway CCG’s main role is to plan and buy health services across the Medway towns. It works closely with patient groups, local public health, social care and voluntary sector partners to make sure the right services are available at the right time.

 The CCG is one of 211 in the country, the Medway CCG is made up of GPs, other healthcare professionals and experienced commissioners dedicated to making Medway a healthier place to live.

 It is committed to developing a strong clinically-led organisation that puts the needs of Medway residents at the heart of its decisions.

 Medway Clinical Commissioning Group has a governing body made up of local GPs, a registered nurse and several lay members, all working with a network of health professionals across the area.