How to make a comment or complaint about the NHS Services we commission

The following information aims to help people who wish to make a comment or complaint about any NHS service funded by this CCG.

These services include:

• Urgent and emergency care (including A&E and ambulance services)
• Out-of-hours primary medical services
• Elective hospital care
• Community health services (such as rehabilitation services, speech and language therapy, continence services, wheelchair services, and home oxygen services
• Rehabilitation services
• Maternity and newborn services (excluding neonatal intensive care)
• Children’s healthcare services (mental and physical health)
• Services for people with learning disabilities
• Mental health services (including psychological therapies)
• Infertility services.

To make a comment or complaint, please contact:

NHS Medway Clinical Commissioning Group
Phone: 01634 335177

You can also submit your query using our online comment form.

Download our Complaints Leaflet

Download our Easy Read version

For further information on making complaints to the NHS, please visit the NHS Complaints Advocacy website for self help information packs.

Complaints Log 2015-16

  • Who can make a complaint?

  • When to make a complaint

  • How we will deal with your complaint

  • Help with making your complaint

  • Comments or complaints about other NHS services