A joint strategy has been developed across Swale & Medway, working with all healthcare partners including Healthwatch Kent, Medway Foundation Trust, Medway Community Healthcare (MedOCC, Wisdom Hospice), Virgin Health Care, South East Coast Ambulance Trust, Kent County Council, Medway Council and Kent Integrated Carers Alliance to enhance End of Life services and Support for patients.

Organisations across Swale and Medway have worked in partnership to develop an Advanced Care Plan (ACP). The care plan is available for you to use to record your information and wishes for palliative care / dying.

This document belongs to the person completing it, and healthcare professionals may help with its completion should that be requested by either patient or family.

What is the My Wishes register?

The My Wishes register is a record of your decisions about:

  • The type of care you would like to receive as you approach the end of your life, including any cultural or religious wishes
  • Your choice of where you would like to die, whether at home, in hospital or a hospice
  • Organ donation

We understand that when you receive the news someone you care for is nearing the final stages of life, you will have a range of feelings and concerns, for the person you care for and yourself.

It is important to consider your own needs and wellbeing alongside those of the person you care for. You may have questions around what will happen or what to do when the time comes, or be unsure about support available to you and the person you care for.

The aim of this information guide is to address some of the concerns you may experience on hearing the news that you are nearing the final stages of life.

It covers issues such as choosing where to be looked after, sorting out unfinished business and getting financial help. It also offers guidance on who can help and what to expect in the last few days of life. Being prepared for what may happen can make the situation a little easier to cope with.

This form allows the person completing, to specify in advance which treatments they do not wish to receive in the future. It records decisions about healthcare, in the event the person completing has lost mental capacity and cannot consent to, or refuse treatment.

Dying Matters is a broad based, inclusive and rapidly growing national coalition which aims to change public knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards dying and has useful resources on their website.